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Our team brings a diverse skillset across all disciplines of the actuarial profession. With backgrounds across investment, consulting, insurance and superannuation, our actuaries have the expertise to provide the right solution for you. 

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Actuarial certificates

We can accurately determine the proportion of investment income which is exempt for superfunds which have a combination of accumulation and pension accounts.


Actuarial consultation

Our experienced actuaries offer advisory services across superannuation, financial and investment modelling and life insurance. We further assist with independent pricing and compliance reviews.

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Life Interest valuations

These valuations specify your entitlement in a specific asset. Common examples include your interest in the regular income generated by a deceased estate, the value of your right to occupy a specific property and the value of your interest in a specific relationship

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Business Valuations

Given our detailed knowledge of investments and accounting, we can assist in the valuation of both conventional and non-conventional business cashflows. This work can also assist with budgeting, long term planning and cash flow management.


Speak to one of our dedicated team members today to find the right solution to your finances.

Our recommendations provided are always tailored to you.

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