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'Think it through and find a solution that is in your best interests'


Being a privately owned, independent financial planning business, we work on a fee for service basis so that you can be assured that our advice is tailored to meet your needs. We endeavor to go on a financial journey with our clients to discover their path to success.

We believe there are 5 important values that lead to a successful outcome on your financial journey. 


Client engagement is critical for the development and ongoing progress of a financial plan. After all, these assets belong to you. We don't believe in managing your wealth without your input. On the contrary, we see our place as more of an assistant and guiding hand, providing relevant and timely information to help you make informed decisions relating to your financial future.


We believe in absolute transparency with how we operate and what we disclose. We invoice and charge for known work. We feel that percentage based investment performance fees provide an asymmetrical incentive mechanism for portfolio managers. By removing these distortions, we feel that we can truly act in your best interests.


Berry undertakes its own analysis of issues so as it is not corrupted by the influences of others. For example Berry operates its own investment committee and operates on a fee for service basis. We do not feel that a commission model provides the correct incentive mechanism for engagement of your financial planner and wealth management team


We believe in 'getting our hands dirty' with work, learning from the experience and then persevering to deliver improvements in our processes so as to achieve an ever improving outcome for our clients. We are constantly trying to innovate and improve the services that we offer so that our clients can continue to get more value for money. We try very hard not to place your future in the hands of an institution but instead strive to work proactively.


All portfolios constructed at Berry Actuarial Planning allow the client to keep control over all their assets. Other companies like to take custody of assets or invest all money into managed funds. We believe in direct ownership. All bank accounts are in your name and most often we will shy away from managed funds in preference to direct ownership.

An advantage of direct equity investments as highlighted in recent times is that funds will not be frozen as has occurred in recent times with some managed funds.

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